Risk Management and Credit Operations

Moody’s Analytics Solutions for Corporations

Assess the sensitivity of your portfolios by examining, segmenting and stratifying credit risk and economic data at a detailed level of geography across all major asset classes through extensive history and forecasts of consumer and household credit, economic and demographic variables.

Credit Risk Management 
Economic, Consumer Credit & Financial Data 
Economic Stress Testing 
RealtyTrac Foreclosures 
Moody's CreditCycle™
Moody's CreditCyclePlus™

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Facilitate financial spreading, credit analysis, data storage, and limits management on our enterprise platform with automated workflows.





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Forecast cashflows and understand risk. Determine the default probabilities and expected losses for a deal, pool or loan by working with many of the same software platforms used by Moody’s Analytics.





Structured Finance Workstation

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Enhace your credit processes, deploy capital effectively, manage liquidity, and understand the impact of economic factors on your risk profile. Implement customized, enterprise-wide training solutions to improve your organization’s credit and financial risk management capabilities.


Professional Development
Risk Management Services

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