Economic & Consumer Credit Analytics

ECCA - Alternative scenarios stress testing


Forecast and stress-test consumer credit portfolios from default risk to revenue growth by quantifying the impact of both the economic environment and your lending decisions for existing and future vintages.

Access over 260 million time series for more than 180 countries, updated daily, at the global, macro, regional and industry levels. Concepts include commercial and residential real estate, labor markets, demographics, consumer credit, financial markets, industry and more.

Our experienced team of economists applies our extensive expertise and data to client-specific products, using or augmenting the client's own data. Custom projects are individually designed to meet the client's business goals.

Utilize comprehensive and timely analysis to understand the many components that drive the economy. From residential real estate to daily commentary on economic indicators, our research covers the economy in every dimension.

Access more than 40 forecast databases with alternative scenarios at the global, macro, and sub national/regional levels to stress test portfolios, evaluate shocks, or develop strategic business plans.

Economic & Consumer Credit Analytics from Moody’s Analytics provides essential expertise on the economic and consumer credit trends that impact your business and investments.