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CRRM Credit Research


Bank Financials and Analytics integrated with research, ratings, and market signals is everything you need in one place to make your investment and risk management decisions with more confidence.

Moody’s Covered Bond research combines industry and deal-specific research with credit opinions on bank issuers and related sovereigns to offer the most comprehensive research service available in the market.

Moody's Emerging Markets research offers the breadth of sovereign, banking, corporate and structured finance research that will help you dig deep into underlying credit issues. Moody’s brings together analysis, data and access to a global team of analysts to help you gain insight into emerging markets.

Moody’s CreditView – Banking provides an informed, independent, and transparent view into the changing bank credit market.

Moody’s CreditView – Corporates service includes a global suite of ratings and analysis non-financial companies and provides expert insight into companies’ liquidity, covenant protection and changes to debt structure. Four sub-services are available: Investment Grade, Leveraged Finance, Syndicated Loans and Project Finance.

Moody’s CreditView – Sovereign provides comprehensive ratings, research and analysis on sovereigns, sub-sovereigns and supranational entities. Our through-the-cycle perspective on the financial, economic and political pressures impacting sovereign risk helps you stay on top of credit quality challenges.

Moody’s CreditView – Structured Finance covers asset classes ranging from residential and commercial mortgages to autos and credit cards to collateralized debt obligations. Our offerings include deal-specific analyses, special reports, and performance data sets and market indices instrumental to your monitoring activities

Moody’s CreditView – U.S. Public Finance provides analysis on public debt issued by state and local governments, hospitals, higher education institutions and other tax-exempt entities. From reports to timely commentary, our research provides insight into specific sales and larger trends that drive the market.

Moody's Financial Metrics™ (MFM) is a web-based data and analytics platform that provides you with access to analyst-adjusted financial data, ratios, models and rating methodologies for over 3,500 non-financial corporates worldwide.

Moody’s US Municipal Finance Data and Analytics includes two platforms: MFRA® (Municipal Financial Ratio Analysis), a database of ‘as-adjusted’ financials and credit statistics and QRATE™ (Quantitative Ratings Estimator), a quantitative rating predictor model.

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